Culture Plates

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About the Test

This test kit will provide you with detailed information on the mould species present in your home and/or workplace and the risk they pose to your health.
This product offers accredited laboratory identification of moulds to species levels (e.g. stachybotrys chartarum-black mould or penicillium expansum) and enumeration of detected mould species expressed as a number of colony forming units (CFU) per plate.

What the Kit Includes

  • Culture dish (x4 as standard)
  • Protective media covers
  • Instructions for the test, Gloves and a Chain of Custody (which needs to be completed for our Laboratories

Thing to Note

  • Cost is for 4 culture plates using a special 5 day service.
  • Please note we use SDA culture plates (which inhibits the growth of many bacteria)

Turn Around Times

Once the sample is with the laboratory we expect analysis to take between 5-10 days.

Individual Kits

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