Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Testing Kit

Starting at £275.00

About the Test

The objective of this test is to identify different specific chemicals and their quantities in the air. The test is performed by setting up a small air pump which pulls air through a collection tube for two hours. The tube is filled with different adsorbents which are analysed by spectral analysis and the results will show the presence and levels of normally expected VOCs such as those from cleaning materials, carcinogenic or respirable gases in the air which may be identified by odours, eye irritation or respiratory distress.   The main objective of this test is to identify those chemicals which should not be present in elevated levels.

What the Kit Includes

  • Free Loan Air Pump for 1 week (with a refundable deposit of £100 charged, which is refunded once the Air Pump is returned to Mould Lab)
  • Sealed Vacuumed Glass Container with Steel Tube inside
  • Sealed plastic cap (for the tube to be returned for posting to the laboratory)
  • Instructions for the test, Gloves and a Chain of Custody (which needs to be completed for our Laboratories

Things to Note

  • Sampling period is 2 hours.

Turn Around Times

Once the sample is with the laboratory we expect analysis to take 2 days.

Individual Kits

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