New Home for Invisible Mould

Starting at £450.00

About This Bundle

The presence of mould isn’t always visible.  Recommended for prospective tenants or homebuyers.  This bundle will provide you with the investigation tools to check for the presence of mould before committing to renting or buying.  The Air Sampling will analyse mould in the air and confirm genus and the ERMI will analyse settled dust and confirm the species.  The analysis also provides a free HERTSMI 2 assessment.

What the Bundle Includes

  • Air Sampling Pump with x2 Cassettes (additional sampling cassettes with analysis available for £75 each).
  • ERMI with analysis.

Things to Note

  • We recommend 1 cassette per room and that 1 cassette is taken outside for comparison (known as the ambient sample)
  • The Air Pump requires x4 AA Batteries per x3 cassettes used . If batteries are not replaced after x3 cassettes the results will not be accurate. The client is responsible for the purchasing and disposal of these. Please do not return the Air Pump with batteries.
  • Please note the sampling period per cassette is 5 minutes.
  • Please note the equipment hire is free on this bundle. We ask that the equipment is returned with the sample, failure to do so will result in a delay to samples being sent to the lab.

Turnaround time

  • Analysis has a 3 day turn around.
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