Mycotoxins Analysis with 10 Toxigenic Moulds (EMMA)


About This Test

This test has been developed for us by leading laboratories in the USA. Doctors and Nutritionists often analyse urine or blood for mycotoxins. Sometimes it may be beneficial to assess if exposure is in the home and this test typically looks at identifying the main mycotoxins.  The ten species of mould included in the test are also analysed for presence and these are often recognised as the source of these mycotoxins.

What This Kit Includes

  • Swiffer (for taking the dust sample)
  • Gloves
  • Ziplock bag
  • Instructions for the test, Gloves and a Chain of Custody (which needs to be completed for our Laboratories

Turn Around Times

Once the sample is with the laboratory analysis can take 3 weeks.

Individual Kits

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