Formaldehyde Testing Kit

Starting at £275.00

About the Test

Typically people request formaldehyde testing if their building related illness follows the fitting of new carpets, laminate flooring or new furniture or simply a new build home.  This sampling tube detects formaldehyde which can be released from both wet and dry building materials, some insulation and home contents.

What the Kit Includes

  • Free Loan Air Pump for 1 week (with a refundable deposit of £100 charged, which is refunded once the Air Pump is returned to Mould Lab)
  • Sealed Vacuumed Glass Container with Steel Tube inside
  • Sealed plastic cap (for the tube to be returned for posting to the laboratory)
  • Instructions for the test, Gloves and a Chain of Custody (which needs to be completed for our Laboratories

Things to Note

  • Sampling period is 20 minutes.

Turn Around Times

Once the sample is with the laboratory we expect analysis to take 2 days.

Individual Kits

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