Mould Lab provides DIY testing kits and laboratory analysis services to; Indoor Environment Hygienists (IEH), commercial organisations, homeowners, tenants and landlords, to support the investigation of building related illness.

We use international laboratories as they provide a superior and cutting edge service, at competitive prices with fast turn around times enabling us to share this benefit with our clients.

On completion of the laboratory analysis, we will provide you with a report via email.  This report will contain your results and the resources to assist with interpretation of the data.  Mould Lab are not responsible for anything other than providing the DIY kits and forwarding the reports from the laboratories.


The environments that you’re exposed to including your work and home could be making you unwell.  Mould and damp left untreated can cause poor health.  The most common symptoms of exposure to mould could include:

  • Respiratory problems and infections
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Changes in menstrual cycle and early menopause
  • Skin, hair and gut problems
  • Eye irritation

Testing for mould can help in identifying possible causation.  Visible mould is not always the problem, it’s the dead and airborne mould, bacteria, mycotoxins and other “invisible” contaminated fragments, which we inhale that are considered the greatest health hazard.

It is important that our clients recognise the benefits and shortfalls of DIY sampling.

DIY Testing Supplies and Analysis

Tested by International Laboratories

Fast Turn Around Times

Cost Effective

Available Worldwide

All Testing Compliant with ISO & British Standards